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WP Developer


  • Wordpress developer with excellent skills on user experience related development.
  • conversant with web standards, meticulous developer with attention to detail.
  • quick learner with ability to handle multiple projects in parallel.
  • good knowledge of front end technologies with experience to use latest standards.

Job summary

os.me website is implemented using Wordpress. WP Developer would be implementing new features for os.me while ensuring that these features delight the users & help them use the site with minimal effort. Apart from new features, any web marketing initiatives would be supported by WP Developer ensuring that the right experience desired by marketing can be implemented on os.me. The job also involves maintaining all existing assets & fixing issues where found.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop new features for os.me with a mobile first approach.
  • Work closely with the Web Designer to implement web/interactive design using HTML and CSS best practices, as well as SVG graphics.
  • Ensure that the work done follows the latest web standards for usability, accessability and SEO friendliness.
  • Deploy, develop or customize Wordpress plugins without breaking plugin update process.
  • All work done should be performance optimized for public facing internet services.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Senior level experience with PHP based frameworks such as Drupal or WordPress.
  • Experience developing & debugging with both front end (jQuery, CSS, HTML) and back end (PHP, mySQL) technologies.
  • Extensive experience working with web/interactive projects. Understanding of user behavior, interactive design, animation, transitions, user feedback.
  • Should have an excellent sense of design, and experience with short-hand code.
  • Ability to adapt and find creative solutions when presented with a variety of challenges.
  • Knowlede of Social Media APIs (facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest) would be a plus.

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