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We have decided to share our earnings with our members who make a better place with their writings and interactions.

I firmly believe that every time you write a positive comment or share your truth by publishing a post on, you make this world a better place. Somewhere, in some corner of the world, your writing may have inspired someone. Ever since I opened up this platform to you, we have been thinking of ways to give back to the community here. One way was to make you part of growth story. We figured we could share a part of our net earnings with everyone who writes and comments on So, that's exactly what we have done.

Every post you write, every comment you make on others' writings or receive on yours, every time you share a post with others on social media, we award you with OS karma points. At the end of every month, your points are converted into actual earnings that you can withdraw. The earnings are paid out from a pool of money we set aside every month.

What is the Karma Program?

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Inspire others with truth and talent in your writings


Be inspired with others' writings on


Interact with the community members

How are the Points Awarded?

Karma points are based on two fundamental criteria: inspiration and interaction. These points are credited to your OS Karma account every time you inspire or interact.



Write a post or ask a question

Read other members' post(s)

Share the writings on social media

Every time, you:

Every time, you:

Write a comment or answer a question

Receive a comment

Respond to a comment on your post

You earn additional points if your writing gets featured on Besides, every view you get on your works means more karma points.

Receive Direct Support

Every member post ends with "Support This Author" button. Using this, readers can show their support to you by paying whatever they like. After deducting our infrastructure costs, this support money is added to your earnings.

Withdraw Your Earnings Anytime

Once you reach a minimum threshold of fifty dollars, you can withdraw your earnings anytime into any PayPal email address. Or, you can use your income to buy any course or membership on the site.

Start Writing

With 30000+ members, is a truly unique community of kind and positive people. You can gather as much from the interactions and writings on this platform.


Every post carries a Support This Author button. When your writings make an impact on the readers they can extend a monetary token of appreciation.

A good piece of writing can start earning instantly. Your story appears on the members' feed on the homepage.

The more you engage and interact with your audience through regular posts or even through constructive comments, the more you earn.

All comments on are moderated so we encourage constructive and positive interactions only. The internet deserves at least one community which is troll-free.

Great writing just keeps earning. Impactful and inspirational posts are featured on the homepage and also social platforms by the team and members.

  1. We do not do any fact-checking on any posts by our members.
  2. Earnings are calculated at the end of the month and are reported on the first Saturday of the following month.
  3. Data in your dashboard is updated once every day.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not violate any copyright laws.
  5. You are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings on
  6. We will lock out accounts of members who engage in plagiarism.
  7. We deduct transaction fee as our infrastructure and administration costs from any monies paid to you by any member using "Support This Author" feature. We do not stop members from paying you directly outside of the ecosystem.
  8. Anyone can write on our platform but only members can comment.
  9. If you spam the site using your posts or comments, you will be blacklisted and banned permanently.
  10. We delete negative comments and have zero tolerance policy for any form of abuse.

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